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Only ZETAGS gives you more print options. We offer a wide colour range from vibrant pink, red, blue and green to real gold and silver foils. Now you can color code your own tags or maybe move up market with a bright gold leaf print on our high gloss white Polyester.

Black ribbons will suit all printers. However, colored ribbons should be tested to ensure the printer will sense the ribbon correctly. In most cases they work in the same way as black but we recommend you try a single roll first. Generally speaking if one colour works then any colour should be suitable.


NOTE: Gold and Silver are real metallic foils.


ZETAGS Xtreme colors suit all current model ZETAGS printers and any tag in the ZETAGS range. Some other printer brands may have issues with ribbon sensors and you should test one roll first.
Xtreme ribbons are a full 100mm wide and will cover any tag in the ZETAGS range
Xtreme ribbons have a 1/2" center core and are supplied in the most popular INK OUTSIDE format. .
NOTE: Ruby, Citrine and Tourmaline colors WILL NOT SCAN and are unsuitable for bar codes.



You may need to increase the temperature on the printer driver. If the print looks too light, increase the darkness/heat settings on the driver. If you need help contact

In most cases increasing the heat is a simple procedure. If you're not sure,.contact support and we'll walk you through the process or we'll organize a time for a remote support session. ZETAGS use GoToAssist for support sessions, powered by the same people that provide GoToMyPC and perfectly secure.

NOTE: Ruby, Citrine and Tourmaline colors WILL NOT SCAN and are unsuitable for bar codes.



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